Sunday, July 11, 2010

Office in Progress

I'm in the process of reorganizing,
painting and using some vinyl in my
office/scrapbook room. It's all
starting to come together.

I still need trim around my
window and some painting
touch ups. I'm having a little
too much fun with Vinyl.. Need
to get another color before
I add any more! Maybe Hot
pink? Who knows what I'll
come up with next.

After I'm done with this project I plan to get busy and get some more scrapbooking done. Felt like I needed a face lift on my room to get some creativity back. Hope it helps!


  1. I really like the green. You know purple is an excellent complimentary color to green!

  2. Did you know you can use the white vinyl and the alcohol inks and make just about any color you can dream up?

    LOVE your room. :)